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Charlie Spring is an inimitable tunesmith, a veteran
songwriter with a gift for penning achingly beautiful love
songs.  At once reminiscent of Neil Young and Pete Seegar,
Charlie's sincerity, wisdom and artistry (which shine through
in his songs) are an inspiration."
HarryO, Promoter, Big Step Down Productions, Seattle, WA

"Charlie Spring's debut CD recording, A Grateful Man,
welcomes you like an old friend.  Reminiscent of the
laid-back country folk of the seventies, it sounds like a guy
playing music on his back porch.  The casual style is enhanced
by skillful guitar work and a soulful singing voice, like Neil
Young but without the whine.  The only thing we have to
prove is what we prove to ourselves," says Charlie.  Whether
he is proving it to us or to himself, Charlie did a nice job on
this album."
Betsy Welling, Victory Music Review         

Charlie Spring was fantastic to have at the City of performed
a nice variety of American folk music wiperformed a nice
variety of American folk music wih h tvery nice tone.  He
worked in what was not so good weather conditions and took
it all in stride.
A consummate professional.  It was a pleasure working with
Charlie. We would have him back anytime.  Good Luck
John Damazio, Stage Manager         

"Thank you for your music and your Truth.  
An honor to have you on our stage".
Clint, Soul Food Books, Redmond, WA         

  "I'm pleased to have had the pleasure to work with Charlie
Spring.  His performance at the Bellevue Art Museum Fair
Celebration Arts Stage received a very responsive and warm
reaction from our fair-goers.  His precise and fluid
musicianship kept the crowd engaged throughout his set.  His
universal appeal and professional demeanor on stage far
exceeded my expectations.  If you are looking for a musician
for your event, Charlie Spring is an excellent choice.  He was
a delight to work with during the hiring process, and we look
forward to having him play future events for the Bellevue Art
Caitlin Mullock, Bellevue Art Museum Fair Entertainment
Intern, Bellevue, WA

I've got a musical repertoire for just about every
audience that includes Folk Songs from all eras,
Blues, Ballads, Standards, Country Western,
Cowboy Songs, Children's Songs, Rock 'n Roll and
more...  as well as quite a few original tunes
receiving airplay on local and internet radio.

I perform at many of the Northwest's live music
County Fair 2010,
Bumbershoot 2009,
NW Folklife
Tumbleweed Music.

I perform at many of the Northwest's live music
Festival (2006),
Yakima Folklife Festival (2006-07-09),
Bellevue Festival of the Arts
Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair (2003-04-05),
as well as Farmers Markets, Hayrides, Hoedowns,
House Concerts, Senior Audiences, Schools,
Private Parties, Weddings, Art Galleries, Benefits,
Wineries, Corporate Events, Office Parties and
I'd love to play for your Event!

I've released three CD's since 2003 including A
Grateful Man (my original songs), These Songs Are
Your Songs (a collection of songs from the Public
Domain),   and Charlie Spring, (my first studio
recording from 2000, released in 2007)
425 273 4657
533 Elm Way #1 Edmonds WA  USA